Crypton Lookout Mint

Crypton Lookout Mint

Crypton Dog Bed Lookout Bumper Bed in Mint

Fido’s got a brand new bed. Behold the newest addition to our doggy sleep collection, the comfy Bumper bed. Crafted in our trademark Super fabric, this breathable, performance-driven sleep cushion tackles mess and moisture head on— creating the ultimate in easy, canine comfort. Watch stains, drool and spots wipe easily away as your pooch nestles into the curves of our cushy creation. Transforming your space with pet-perfect-patterns, it’s luxurious lounging at its finest.

Stain, spill, and mildew resistant!  This mess and stress free fabric is made with Crypton Super Fabrics!  

Durable for any type of situation, this fabric has a 5 year protection guarantee.  Great for dogs that might drool or have accidents as they are water resistant!  Tried and Tested.  Machine Washable, low heat tumble recommended.  Available in two sizes.

  • Certified Eco-Friendly
  • Proudly made in the USA!
  • Easily removable insert!
  • 100% machine washable!

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Small/Medium 18"x24"x4"
Medium/Large 27"x36"x5"

   ***PLEASE NOTE: this Crypton bed takes approximately 2-3 weeks to ship.***