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Sneak Peak into 3 Shades of Dog Photo Shoot

We are gearing up to launch a few new products, just in time for the holiday season right around the corner!  Can you believe it is already that time of year again!  The year has flown by and I am so grateful for everyone and their support of 3 Shades of Dog's first year and I must say it has truly been a labor of love!  

Before I get all mushy, I wanted to share with you just a few shots from our recent photo shoot!  Can't wait to share all of the new goodies but you will see them all soon enough in due time my friends, in due time.  And yes...we are small business around here so most of the models are eh..um...my boys....Brody and Saban...who I think most of you know by now as they are featured in most of my photos, and then my lovely director of operations, Rita and her adorable Jack Russel, Wallace and yours truly.  We keep it in the family around here:)

Have a nice weekend!


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