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The Best Dog Bed for Your Labrador or Large Breed Dog

The Best Dog Bed for Your Labrador or Large Breed Dog

If you’re like many Lab or big dog parents, you probably have spent more money than you’d care to admit on various dog beds, only to have your fur-child prefer the cold comfort of a hard floor.  It may not actually be that Rover likes tile more than sleeping on a dog bed - the bed itself is most likely the problem.

Large Breed Dogs Have Different Needs

Big dog breeds like Labs, Goldens, Shepherds, and any other breed over 50 lbs. have distinct needs.  Because of their size, large breed dogs tend to have more joint problems, arthritis, and mobility issues from adulthood and these conditions can get worse as they age.  In addition to important factors such as regular medical care and a high-quality diet, canine parents must also be concerned with their dogs getting the best quality sleep.  Proper rest supports the immune system, digestion, and energy levels.

A Luxury Dog Bed Supports Good Health

Despite the importance of using a premium dog bed, this is one area where most pet guardians fall short.  It’s not for lack of caring, just awareness.  Many people end up purchasing their dog’s bed at a large retailer or discount warehouse.  Most often times, the bed may look okay, but is not built to last, made with inferior grade materials, and will be uncomfortable for your large breed dog.

A Dog’s Sleep Patterns Mirror Your Own

Dogs are all about their people.  When you play, they play.  When you eat, they want their dinner too.  When bedtime rolls around and the sandman is calling, they naturally wind down and get ready for their nightly rest.

Most dogs would love to share their owner’s bed, but this is a bad idea for several reasons:

  • Hair and dander can trigger allergies
  • Costly bed linens can be ruined and hard to clean
  • Big dogs need more space than you can spare
  • Your own sleep becomes disrupted, causing you stress
  • Aging dogs have difficulty getting onto the bed

And the list goes on.  A much better option for large dogs is their own high-quality bed. 

Certain features will designate a luxury dog bed from their cheaply made counterparts:

  • Well-constructed.  A large dog bed of quality with withstand years of daily use.
  • Easy to clean.  Your dog bed’s outer casing should be removable and easily tossed into the washer for regular cleaning.
  • Drool, pee, hair, and poop-proof.  If you love a dog, you know what this means.  When accidents  happen, your dog bed’s fabric should withstand it beautifully.
  • Functions and looks like furniture.  Your dog’s bed can (and should) be a reflection of your good taste.
  • Value.  By purchasing a quality large dog bed, you can stop replacing inferior ones every six months and enjoy its benefits for years to come.

With a little forethought, you can select a large dog bed that fills all of your dog’s needs, as well as your own. 


If you are in the market for a new dog bed or you are not happy with the selection in the big box stores, check out our bed selection specifically geared for larger breeds here.  3 Shades of Dog carries a full line of top quality dog beds, from large bolster lounge beds to casual everyday pillow beds.  


Hope this helps!




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