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Modern Dog Beds for the Modern Dog Parent

Modern Dog Beds for The Modern Dog Parent

I don't know about you, but just a year ago, the options for a stylish dog bed were next to none, with most being low quality, low stuffed lumps..eh hem I mean beds usually in 4 color options, boring tan, boring brown, boring grey, and lastly, boring burgandy.  Yes even I fell into the trap of just picking from the boring options at my nearest big chain pet store or perhaps Costco while picking up my bulk toilet paper.  It wasn't until I was redoing my office last year, that I realized there was not really anywhere to pick up a bed for fur children that was not only durable and eco friendly but that was stylish and would actually look nice in my home and not an eye sore.  

Now many of you will say, that your dogs prefer to sleep in the bed with you and this is absolutely the case for my two large yellow Labbies, but during the day or anytime when we are not sleeping in our beds, the dogs want to be in the same room with us and I know for a fact that they would much rather sleep on a big comfy bed than my office hardwood floors or worst an itchy jute or sisal rug.  In fact, as soon as we found our perfect beds, both dogs layed on them and didn't move, all without us even telling them that these were there beds or instructing them to lay or place.  They knew, just like we humans know, what comfort feels like.  See our two dogs breaking in their new beds here and read more about how this need for finding a quality but beautiful dog bed lead to this company and shop..

I have found what I think are some of the most high quality, eco friendly and beautiful upholstered dog beds that are covered in the most wonderful and stylish fabrics in bold colors and patterns that any modern Dog Parent will love.  

Have a look at some of my newest fabrics and let me know your thoughts..  I am also coming out soon with a custom option in which you can take any of these pillow bed fabrics and use on the other bed types, like I did here with the  Lounge Beds .  


Spring/Summer 2013 Looks

 Dream Pillow Bed 




Kelly Green Diane Pillow Bed


Ziggy Chevron Dog Bed


 Native Ikat Dog Bed


Navajo Ikat Modern Dog Bed


What do you think?  Would Fido approve?  Let me know...I would love to hear from you!  If you want to send me a private message, please email me at Karen@3ShadesofDog




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