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What Kind of Dog Bed is Right for Your Dog?

What Kind of Dog Bed is Right for Your Dog?

We’ve all laughed at those funny Facebook pictures of a tiny Chihuahua dominating a “big-boy” dog bed, leaving his Lab or Boxer brother to sleep wedged uncomfortably on a small lounger.  All kidding aside, dogs need restful, uninterrupted sleep just as their human family members do.  Deep sleep is important for energy, a healthy immune system, and to support the regenerative processes of the body.  If your dog is constantly struggling to find a comfortable position in an uncomfortable bed, his health may suffer and aging is accelerated.

Let’s look at the different kinds of dog beds available to determine what type might be best for Fido:

  Pillow beds


   These types of beds are really just a big dog pillow, have no real structure, and offer little support.  The fill can lump up, especially after a few washes, creating an awkward and uncomfortable surface your dog will not use.  These beds are typically cheaper, and for good reason.


Round Dog Beds 




These beds are a step up from a pillow bed as they follow the most natural sleeping position of your canine.  However, when your dog wishes to stretch out a bit, this bed literally falls short.


    Orthopedic beds

  While these beds help aged and arthritic dogs to relieve joint pain and pressure points, they are not very attractive and do not mesh well with your home’s décor.  They resemble a plain mattress or futon, and as such, do not offer aesthetic appeal.


   Removable crate beds

 These beds tend to be less bulky than orthopedic beds, and are easily removed from your dog’s crate.  However, most of these beds are thin and flimsy, and while washable, don’t give support your dog’s weight and joints properly.


     Luxury dog beds

  These beds cost more than all of the beds above, but for good reason.  Available in many designer colors and patterns, these beds can make a fashion forward statement while giving your dog needed support and comfort for the best quality sleep.  Upscale beds are usually machine washable, have removable inserts for crates, and are solidly constructed of stain-resistant fabric.  Beds of this caliber should use stuffing that is allergen-free and eco-friendly, as well.


In the end, the best bed for your dog is one that offers the most restful sleep, and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in your beautifully designed room.  Look at your dog bed as another piece of furniture.  Most likely, when shopping for your own bedroom set, you didn’t opt for the cheapest suite you could find.  And since your pooch is also family, you will want to apply that same thought process to dog bed shopping as well.  Investing a little more in a bed your dog (and you!) will love for years also makes more frugal sense, as you won’t be purchasing a new one every 6-12 months.  Luckily, you only need to click your mouse to find the perfect bed for your best friend!


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