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Stylish Dog Food Storage Ideas


I don't know about you, but having 2 large breed dogs, plus a cat, plus the monthly foster Lab, our pantry almost has more bags of dog food and dog treats than human food!  While we have "upgraded" to the Target large plastic bin/container for the main dog food, it is still a constant struggle to keep this area organized thru all the clutter.  

But fear no more my blog crush, Pretty Fluffy to the rescue!  She took a problem that I didn't even know was a problem, and provided a cute and stylish solution!  I have to say I was instantly motivated to "pretty" up my eyesore of a pantry immediately!  


There is even a tutorial on creating these cute dog food labels...everything looks better in pink right?


  Um yes please, I will take the pink mixer to match thank you very much:)




Want to learn how she did it??  Check out her guest post on the wonderful organization blog I Heart Organizing by Aussie Jen



For more wonderful DIY pet organization tools, check out Pretty Fluffy's blog here!




Mar 28, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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