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3 Shades of Dog Goes Live

If you follow me and hubby over at www.ItsaLabThing.com, you know that we did a quiet launch today of this boutique exclusively for our readers.  While I know right now the only people reading this blog, is most likely me...and maybe my mom..I thought I would still share the news here too!  

An excerp from my blog post on www.ItsaLabThing.com announcing the new brand:

"The idea for sharing cool dog products with you all was not intended to showcase products that we personally have tried or intend to sell ourselves in the future.  However, after receiving many questions about a certain bed that was in a post featuring Saban last week,_  we decided that we simply have to share details about the bed, after revealing this first:

We have been working behind the scenes developing an online doggy boutique that will carry stylish and super Lab-friendly premium soft goods, including: dog beds, pillows, and other unique pieces!  These hand selected items are all resilient and extra comfortable for your Lab children AND will look incredible in your home as well!  The brand and online shop is called 3 Shades of Dog and will officially launch in a few months. 

Now that the "Dog is out of the Bag",  here is our first product: the Super Lounge Bed, tried and tested by the most professional testers,  Brody and Saban, who unequivocally have given it 4 paws up!!
After searching high and low for a tailored, yet plush dog bed with a bold color and modern pattern that would blend with my new home office, I found the perfect bed in a rare shade of Hermes Orange that I was after!   

The Hermes Orange color got my attention, but it was the other features that sealed the deal! 

First off, these beds are large, but not bulky, boring, and stuffy looking.  They are the ideal rectangle shape, with a bolster that goes around the entire shape of the bed.  The removable bottom can be taken out and put in your dog’s crate at night or for traveling.  The best part? The whole bed, including the insert, can be thrown in the wash!   

Now, enough about looks!  These beds are designed with the Labrador Retriever in mind!!   

            * The bed is made using beautiful, furniture grade fabrics that are safe for animals.

            * Eco Friendly-Filled with Sustainafill, a recycled allergy free fiber.

            * Made in the USA-Bedding is constructed in the USA and evaluated by real dog testers! 

These beds are also stain and odor resistant.  Need proof?  Read on...

 The orange fabric is made out of Crypton Super Fabric.  Take a look:


Super Fabric is the bee’s knees. Super soft, easy-to-clean and available in a bunch of yummy colors and patterns, Super Fabric has an integrated, impenetrable barrier that means spills will never seep through to the padding or stuffing. Wet or dry, Super Fabric has got you covered.

Crypton Super Fabric is permanently stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant. It is also the only fabric on the market deemed a non-porous surface and can be easily disinfected with our U.S. EPA-approved Crypton Disinfectant & Deodorizer. How’s that for super! 

So if you are looking for a new dog bed and want one that will last longer than a year or so, check out the Super Lounge Bed! 

I would love to know your thoughts and feedback on the beds!

Thanks for reading..




Sep 08, 2015

I live in France and we are collecting our 12 week old Irish Red Setter puppy tomorrow, I was about to turn my computer off having spent days searching the internet for a dog bed that would also be a beautiful as well as comfortable and practical. Do you ship to France?


Hi Karen,
Dec 29, 2013

hi Karen, I luv these beds, they’re absolutely perfect for my 2 Labby girls…do you ship to Australia?

Lisa Whitten

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