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My Story

To understand a little more of who I am and what my mission is for this Brand, 3 Shades of Dog, you must first meet my fur babies that started it all...
Meet Brody.

Brody is unbelievably regal and handsome, yet is the goofiest, most playful English Lab.  He is large and powerful looking yet super submissive around all other dogs.  We have never heard even so much of a snarl from him.  We named him Brody because as a puppy he had this sort of "dumpty dum...ho hum...surfer dude stance about him that is even more evident today.  If Brody had a voice, it would probably sound like Kevin off of the Office...heh heh.  

Brody entered our life as a puppy three and half years ago and changed our lives forever.

After three wonderful years parenting Brody, we decided that we wanted to assist and support a local Lab Rescue in our area and hubby began improving their online presence and social media campaign, which then led us to fostering some of the rescues, which then led us to our first FOSTER FLUNKIE...
Meet our beautiful Sabin! 

Sabin was rescued from a high kill shelter in Alabama. We named him Saban after Nick Saban,the head football coach at the University of Alabama who has been appropriately deemed," The most powerful coach in American Sports".  
Sabin has turned out to be a wonderful brother to Brody and while he is smaller in stature than Brody, he is super protective of his little/big brother.  His eyes tell a story of his struggle and he looks at us with this look that he understands that we rescued him.  Super affectionate and a cuddler.  

These two boys along with our many foster labbies have filled our lives over the years with more love and purpose than we know what to do with.  
I believe that they, along with all dogs, should be shown love and compassion and the same respect that we show our human children.  
This brand, 3 Shades of Dog, is more than a line of premium soft goods for dogs, but my journey to bring a higher awareness and importance of providing quality beds and materials to the market that are not only durable but beautiful as well. 
My home, family and business have collided and I wouldn't want it any other way!  
I invite you to join me and my family on this journey as I take you behind the scenes of growing the brand.
I welcome your comments and questions so please feel free to share your thoughts.  

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