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Dog Cool Product Alert

Free Stitch is a really cool brand, that was featured on Dog Milk a few months back, that is out of Japan and carries luxury leather dog collars, leads, and harnesses as well as other interesting dog wear. Think Banana Republic for dogs..

Its a Lab Thing Free Stitch 3 Shades of Dog Labrador 3

While Antonio and I are not too big on the whole dressing your dog in a full on ensemble, I do love the classic, almost masculine, style of their wear and would totally let Brody and Saban rock the leather collars! The other thing I really love about this company is their use of stunning photography yet simple messaging. Antonio and I are suckers for beautiful dog photography. Their website is in Japanese but they have an online lookbook that is enjoyable in any language! Go check it out at here: FREE STITCH LOOKBOOK

Its a Lab Thing Free Stitch 3 Shades of Dog Labrador


                                                                 i]Weimaraners sneeking on It's a Lab Thing 


Could you see your dog wearing any of these items? If so, leave me a comment of what you like and why! 

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